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The Nitty Gritty of Fulfilling Crowdfunding Orders

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Topo’s launch campaign has been tremendously successful, and we’re hugely grateful to our backers for making it happen. Now we’re in the delivery phase. Our campaign for Topo was technically pre-orders, but everything here applies for crowdfunding too, whether it’s through Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or a home-brew solution. Whatever the method, the basics are the same: Accept Orders Manufacture Product Deliver Product Today, we’ll be covering how we’re getting Topo to our backers (called “Fulfillment”). The basic strategy is that Topo is made at the factory, shipped in bulk to a…read more


Topo’s Launch Campaign Closes Today

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That was the busiest month of our lives! And there are busy ones ahead as well. Topo’s launch campaign was hugely successful, and we couldn’t be prouder. We’re also humbled and grateful for all of you joining us on this wild ride, helping to make Topo a reality. I’m not great on video – as you’ll see I have trouble smiling and thinking about what to say at the same time. I really am super duper happy, I promise. My face just doesn’t cooperate! Anyway, I’m really not great on video,…read more


Why We’re Not Using Kickstarter to Launch Topo

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With over $1.23 billion pledged to over 75,000 successful projects, Kickstarter is a veritable crowdfunding juggernaut. At their standard 5% fee, they’ve pulled in over $61 million hosting successful creators’ dreams. Clearly, they’re doing something right. So you’re probably wondering why we we’re not using Kickstarter to launch our first product, Topo. We’ll flesh it out in detail below, but it boils down to this: We’ve gotten so far that Topo is now a product, not a project. Their 5% fee is too high for the value they would provide us. Hosting our launch there would…read more


Topo Development | Starting Production and Planning Fulfillment

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Any guess on the best place to produce polyurethane products? And why is it so expensive to ship to Australia? Let’s find out. We found something broken (flat office ground) and we found a way to fix it (Topo). Now how do we get Topo under standing desks everywhere? You’ll be amazed to hear it, but we have to make units and ship them out! Groundbreaking, really. But figuring out how to make Topo at scale, and how to deliver to standing desk users everywhere is anything but obvious. Production…read more


Developing the Best Standing Ever | The Optimization Exercise

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Topo started as a pile of strange toys and ended up an elegant all-in-one solution, with a bizarre stop along the way including flashing lights, onboard electronics, and windshield wiper motors. Here’s Topo’s story. We’ve been discussing the path of taking a product to market. Yesterday we covered identifying what BizDev guys would call “identifying a market need”. The way we talk, that means realizing something is broken. So we realized that at a standing desk, flat is bad, and that *something else* is probably better. But what exactly is…read more


Flat Ground is for Wheels, Not Feet

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If you’re here, chances are good that you’ve been convinced sitting all day is a bad idea. It appears that most people with some exposure to the idea accept it – only about 4% of standing desk related searches on google are searching for benefits or explanation. That means most people just sort of “get it” when they hear that sitting is bad, and start looking for desk options instead of further explanation. And that makes sense. That humans aren’t designed to sit all day is pretty intuitive. So let’s…read more